Get to Work!

Build a Professional Facebook Profile

Keep the information on your profile restricted to professional information only.

When you network with potential employers and organizations, they will review your Facebook profile.

Some content you should avoid posting at all times are political comments, racial slurs, curse words, and pictures of yourself in compromising situations.

Refrain from posting content on Facebook that could repel or turn away potential employers. 77% of hiring managers will check facebook before considering you for a position.

Keep it professional

Enter your professional information into the "About Me," "Work and Education," and "Contact Information" fields. For example, enter your professional email address into the contact field, instead of your personal email address.

Include only relevant job positions on your Facebook profile.

Hiring companies and recruiters will often determine whether you are a good fit for a position based on your relevant, past experience. For example, when looking for a new job in computer programming, list your last 2 or 3 programming positions instead of positions related to your previous experience at a fast food restaurant.

Upload and use a professional photo of yourself.

The users you network with will use your photo to form a first impression of you. For example, upload a photo of yourself wearing business casual attire, instead of a photo of yourself on summer vacation at the beach.


Show interest in companies

Search for companies that interest you around Facebook, then click on the "Like" button displayed on the company's profile page. You will then begin to receive future updates and other information from each company you follow.

Follow or Like businesses and organizations related to your field.

By following these accounts, you can receive updates about companies, and network with other users who follow these groups. You will also have the opportunity to learn about new job opportunities and positions that become available.

Request friendships from professional contacts and individuals in your social circle.

When you maintain positive and professional relationships with other users, you are increasing your chances of receiving referrals or job leads from those users. Examples of users you can befriend are high school alumni, or former coworkers.

Be personal but professional

Include a personal message with your friendship request to remind users who you are, and why you want to become friends with them. For example, write a brief message that states you enjoyed meeting them at your friend's party and that you look forward to speaking with them in the future.