WantsAJob exists to make YOU a more marketable candidate by building your personal brand. One way to accomplish this is by displaying your talents to your network of potential employers and clients. We understand that there are many ways for people to look you up online, but let’s face it – Do you really want your facebook profile to be a potential employer’s first impression of you?
Show them you mean business by putting your best foot forward.

We want to change the way job seekers look for positions and the way companies screen candidates.

Currently, when a company needs to fill a seat they first post a job to some job board, and get bombarded with resumes. Most of these candidates are either under-qualified or so over-qualified they’ll be border within a week. Then begins the process of hacking the list down to a few good interviews. Finally the interview process starts and candidates are called in based solely on the resume and maybe a little information from scattered social media profiles.

WantsAJob wants to change all that! We’re working on building a search algorithm similar to a dating site that matches candidates to companies.

Based on data collected from companies and candidates, we want to make a match based on interests, skills, and culture. For example, some candidates may not know what culture they will mesh with, but through survey answers, our algorithm can determine whether they are a good fit for a start-up, corporate setting, or small business etc.. The same will be applied to skill sets – currently job search results are based loosely on skills but heavily on job titles. We feel that is reason for a lot of the frustration in the job search process. Paying careful attention to details people may or may not know about what they are looking for, we can match the right person to the right seat.

While we can’t fix the job market, we want to make it easier on both sides.