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A New Approach to Job Matching

The hiring process is broken. WantsAJob is changing the way job candidates are matched to opportunities.

Personal Brand

WantsAJob exists to make YOU a more marketable candidate by building your personal brand and giving hiring companies a better way to find good candidates. We are changing the way you interact with your network of potential employers and clients. There are many ways for clients to find you, so make sure your personal brand is the best representation of you. Show them you mean business by putting your best foot forward.

Job Matching

Based on data collected from companies and candidates, we make a match based on interests, skills, and culture. Job search results are based loosely on skills but heavily on job titles. We feel that is reason for a lot of the frustration in the job search process. Learning from past activity, our algorithm can determine the best fit. Paying careful attention to details people may or may not know about what they are looking for, we can match the right person to the right seat.

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Introducing a better way to match your Skills, Interests, and Personality to a company with the Opportunity and the Culture that fit for a lasting relationship.


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